Certificates & Awards

Certificate - HCI-Human Computer Interaction

Received Certificate in Human Computer Interaction on August 2020 as part of UX Design Course

Certificate - Arena Multimedia

Received Certificate in Arena Multimedia to complete Diplomo in Multimedia on Sept 2004.

Certificate - Advertising for Print

Specialization in Advertising for Print from Arena Multimedia Aug 2004.

Fundamentals of Computer, Multimedia and Internet, Concepts of Graphics, Basic Art, Creating Illustrations, Image Magic-Print and Web, Media Publishing-I, Advertising Concepts and Media Publishing-II.

Certificate - CBT Development

Specialization in CBT Development from Arena Multimedia Sept 2004.

Story Boarding, Working with audio, video Steaming and Editing, Introduction to Programming, Interactive Multimedia & Programming Level-1, Interactive Multimedia & Programming - Level 2, Concepts of CBT Development and Creating technology based training applications.

Award - UI/UX Design

In recognition of outstanding achievement in UI Designing and Web Designing with Rehlat Online Services Pt Ltd., from 2015

Award - Milestone

Excellentce in contibution in Designing and Development, received Milestone Award on August 2005 from Rehlat Online Services Pt Ltd.,

Award - Prism Award

As performed excellent in Designing and Development, received Award of excellent on July 2009 from SPsoftware Pvt. Ltd.

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